Must operate 24/7 !!! -                          This sentence is our basic principle of operation of the websites that hosted on our servers, developed by our team who cares for their technical support and maintenance.
                                                     Principle of mentoring: -                          With the preparation of the website or other IT product does not cease our concern for them. Any website or other IT product, get a mentor (IT Engineer) in charge to take care of their functioning.                     



Antwort auf Ihren Brief, werden Sie innerhalb von 24 Stunden während der Arbeitswoche erhalten.

Büro in Deutschland

Jan Dimitrovski

Hendy: +49(0)1776558326

Office in Skopje, Büro in Skopje

Partizanski odredi br. 4, Skopje Macedonia

389 76 346 702

Response to your letter, you will receive within 24 hours during the working week.

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