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SEO optimization- your website to be on top on search engines

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Your website to be on a high position on the search engines, you need SEO optimization.

To achieve this purpose, it‘s needed knowledge and daily work, so your website can be positioned high on the search engines or to be on the first place.
If you are not ranked on high position, then your customers first will address your competitors.

SEO optimization or Search Engine Optimization represents а lot of diverse methods, techniques and procedures on the website, but also outside of it, to achieve the desired result- high position on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO campaign consists of optimizing a lot of pages (on-site optimization) and creating links (off-site tactics). Specifically, this means constantly making various changes and additions to your website, and is also necessary to create links and ties оf your website with other websites.

The purpose of these activities is to move your website closer to the first position or to put it on that position, so your services and your products can be the first insight for the clients.
So, when the users search the Internet, your website with your products or services will appear on the top position.

The main purpose and function of the SEO campaign is that the clients through Intеrnet search engines recognize your offer as the best and most optimal.

SEO process includes these activities:
    Research key terms or individual words
    Creating content (blogs)
    Creating links and ties

Research key terms
Research key terms or individual words is a procedure by which аre found concepts, words, and names that have a certain search per month and your website will be connect with those terms, so when a search is made it will be positioned / will appear high up or on a top on the search engines. If the website is not linked with those words, then they have no value in the search.

Creating content
Creating content represents the basis of SEO optimization. Content is written for the users, focused on the target group of products and services.

Creating links
Creating links or creating ties is an activity / phase which is due to positioned the website in a high position or on the first place.
This phase of the SEO campaign is the most difficult because it does not depend of your website, but from other websites and activities of their respective owners. Depending on the content located on the website, its interestingness ор usefulness, the website can achieve a number of links, but the rest of the work depends on the skills of the SEO experts.

Needed time for SEO optimization of the website
Time is an important factor for SEO optimization. Тhe positioning required time, there is not fast and instant solutions that will give result for month to two months. The competition is fierce and the concepts, key words, names are used by many subjects, who are also interested to put their websites on high position on search engines.
The process of SEO optimization for good positioning of the website lasts 4 to 6 months. In certain cases the process takes from 8 to 10 months or longer.


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