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Our goals are to provide the best overview of the information from the Republic of Macedonia, the countries in the region and wider. In this way we are helping you in the making of the decisions related to your professional arrangements.

Мониторинг на медиумските објави и анализа на медиумскиот публицитет. Ги следиме We are monitoring the print media, Internet portals, radio stations and TV channels.

Press Clipping
  • On time and complete information about your area of interest
  • Archive of media information;
  • Search and filter of the information by multiple parameters
  • Evaluation of information (positive, negative, neutral)
  • Other services by your request;
Filtering оf media monitoring;
  • According to the previously agreed topics and keywords;
  • According to the lists of media;
  • The media are monitored and processed throughout the whole day depending on when they are distribute or broadcast;

Press Clipping is in a document that contains the most important data for the releases:
  • Date of publication;
  • Medium
  • Author
  • Rubric
  • Other data;

Тime period:
  • Morning Press Clipping, which processed all daily information from all the media from the previous day until 8 pm;
  • Weekly Press Clipping which processed all the information from all the media from the previous week;
  • Inordinate Press Clipping which processed information from all media in the interest of the client at any time;

Method of delivery of Press Clipping:
  • Through e-mail in HTML format with a direct link to the medium where the news is published and possibility to generate PDF format.
  • Set оn the website where you can log in with your own password and access at any time. On the website you can access at anytime from any device, computer, tablet, mobile.
Emergency Press Clipping

Receive information from electronic media at any time. The information is delivered via SMS, in short form. Later, if is needed, we supply all the information by e-mail.

Emergency Press Clipping is intended for cases of situations where certain information that media reports are crucial for your business and reputation.
Archiving of Press Clipping

The archive, as well as the current clipping, can be review with the service Internet e-clip. To open our archive with the information, it is necessary only to have purchased this service.

In the archive is entered with a username and password;

The releases can be searched by date, medium, author, title, content, and keyword. With this service you will have quick and easy insight into all collected information from your clipping, as well:
  • You are saving your precious time in the process of searching;
  • You are not cluttering your computer's memory;
  • You don’t have a need for printing the materials;
  • The archive can be ordered on CD or DVD;

Also, you can order Press Clipping through us for the media from abroad.

Test Period:.

A week to make sure in our services and their usefulness to you.

Contact for consultation and order:
00 389 (0) 76 529 389
00 389 (0) 76 346 702


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